ASENAV’s origins are closely linked to the city of Valdivia in the south of Chile.   As a result of being on a river and close to the Pacific Ocean its inhabitants have developed a strong maritime tradition and excelled themselves as leading ship builders.

The experienced gained from nearly a century of building ships and the technological impetus provided by German inmigrants, inspired naval architect and mechanical engineer Eberhard Kossmann to establish the company in 1972 (formally as ASENAV in 1974).

To begin with, ASENAV built roll on/roll off ferries, patrol boats for the Chilean Navy and industrial fishing boats.

During the 1980’s the company started to open up international markets by building luxury sport fishing boats for the American company Striker Yachts.   In the 90’s ASENAV continued to diversify and work international becoming pioneers in the completion of significant projects.   The first passenger aluminium catamarans, for Chile and Argentina, tugs, a cruise ship for the Fiji Islands, fishing boats for customers in Norway, the Faroe Islands, as well as an Offshore Support AHT supply vessel for Norway were, at that time, all built first in South America by ASENAV.

Currently, the obvious advantages of building in Chile, the reliability and the experience of the professionals at ASENAV combined with the constant  drive to use leading edge technology have made the company more and more competitive at an international level.    Consequently, in addition to the new Azimuth tugs, ferries, two cruise ships for the Southern Chilean Patagonia and a new series of Well Boats (ships for transporting live salmon), an important contract was secured in 2003 with MAERSK for 2 AHT supply vessels with a 212 ton bollard pull.

This important customer MAERSK, well known as specially demanding for high quality, ordered in 2006, having obviously considered for it the excellent performance and high quality in delivery of before mentioned supply vessels, the construction of 2 additional large PSV supply vessels.   Same year an other customer ordered the construction of a  sophisticated and luxury “expedition vessel”, with platform for helicopters, which operates commercially and very successfully in the Chilean Patagonia area.   In 2008 same customer for whom the two before mentioned cruise ships were constructed ordered the construction of a third cruise ship, significantly larger and higher capacity and which will also operate in the southern Chilean Patagonia, between Punta Arenas and Cape Horn.

In October 2012 a modern wellboat, of high capacity and with most sophisticated technologies incorporated was delivered. A similar wellboat is under construction and will be delivered during third quarter of 2013. In October 2012 a “river pusher tug” was delivered and in December 2012 a second vessel of this type will be delivered, both for an Uruguayan company. In December 2011 company Maersk encharged construction of 2 additional modern AHTS vessels, completing with it a total of six supply vessels for Maersk.

Until November 2012 ASENAV has delivered successfully some more than 170 vessels, of different types as indicated before.

A special emphasis has been allways put to be up to date, and inclusive innovators, in technological development, to can face adequately the construction, and also the design, of high sophisticated vessels.   For it state of the art technology has been combined with the engineering, the efficiency in construction and also the cost advantages by constructing in Chile.

ASENAV counts with his own  Design and Engineering Department, with an important staff of high qualified and experienced professionals, having consequently the capability to perform “in house” practically the full range of engineering requirements for construction of vessels with own design and also, which is really relevant for a shipyard, to coordinate and also review the design and engineering of constructions, which according specific customers request, are  designed and provided by prestigious international design and engineering companies.   Related with this the company has the experience in closely collaboration with some of the world’s leading maritime design and engineering companies, such as Rolls-Royce Marine, Moss Maritime, Burness and Corlett (Australia), Wärtsilä Ship Design Norway, Neptun Stahlkonstruktion and Neptun Engineering, for construction of vessels for international customers.

All this has made possible a constant and continued apprenticeship and learning and an accumulated experience in companies now more than 40 years existence.

The challenge that ASENAV has set itself for this century is to continue identifying and entering new markets, as well as employing innovative technical solutions and product lines to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

ASENAV structured and designed, after having analized it extensively and based on his accumulated experience, in a realistic way according the future constructions expectations, an important long term investing plan.

For such purpose has also extended, specially during last years, his shipyard installations and facilities, with the  modern equipment, machinery and constructions, as it  is detailed in following chapter “Installations and Facilities” of the shipyard.

ASENAV is at present the most important, reliable and prestigious private shipyard in the Pacific Coast of South and Central America.

Head office :  Cerro EL Plomo N 5855, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile 
Telephone :  (56-2) 27189400,  Fax : (56-2) 27189445
Shipyard :  Avda. España 1135, Valdivia, Chile Telephone: (56-63) 2363100, Fax: (56-63) 2216133 gerencia.valdivia@asenav.c